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    Furniture Accurate Deliveries
    The furniture industry has many challenges with accurate deliveries and installation of customer orders. Our TSX™ Furniture Solution assists with every aspect of Customer Order Fulfillment.
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    Importance of Serializing Inventory in Furniture Warehousing
    Our TSX™ Furniture Solution serializes barcode labels for all items. This allows for a complete audit trail of a specific item’s history from the moment it’s received to the moment it’s delivered to a customer’s home.
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    Handling Furniture with Carts, Pallets, and Sleds
    Our TSX™ System Solutions for the furniture industry improves our client’s ability to deliver accurate, on-time, damage-free products to their customer’s sites. We have 30 years of experience designing and implementing supply chain solutions for furniture operations. Call today for more details.
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    Furniture Supply Chain Validation
    The TSX™ Furniture system is specifically designed to address and improve many furniture-specific processes that present challenges to traditional WMS products.
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    TSX™ 3PL Auto-Record Your Billings
    Starting with our existing enterprise-class 3PL solution, we will customize and build new modules to fit your needs exactly. Our systems always include real-time data acquisition and secure access to the right people.
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    TSX™ 3PL – Reduce or Eliminate Manual Data Entry of Data for your Customer’s Requests
    With our TSX™ 3PL systems, you can greatly reduce the manual data entry needed to import data your customers provide for inbound restocking inventory receipts, returns, and fulfillment of their outbound orders.
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