A Unique Solution for a Unique Supply Chain Model

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) WMS is an innovative solution for managing the complex supply chain dynamics associated with CPE. As this unique supply chain model becomes more widespread and integral to operations, understanding the whereabouts of your equipment, its lifecycle, and the incorporation of new technologies is vital. TSX™MSO from Wireless Data Systems, Inc. (WDS) provides a unique approach to this challenge. It enables seamless coordination across various organizational divisions, such as supply chain, customer operations, finance, and marketing, ensuring a superior customer experience while safeguarding the organization’s financial health.

At its core, TSX™MSO serves as a “single source of truth” for all CPE-related data and management activities. Our CPE equipment WMS easily integrates with different platforms, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), billing, and warehouse inventory management systems, culminating in a unified data ecosystem.

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A man installs telecom CPE in the background with cables in the foreground

Enhancing Operational Transparency in CPE Management

At WDS, we go a step further to enhance the operational transparency of your Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) WMS needs by integrating the system with external technicians and installers. This integration provides real-time visibility into your CPE telecom inventory regardless of location. Integration is seamless within the company’s premises, in transit, or with a contractor. This level of oversight is crucial for effective inventory management, timely equipment deployment, and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Key technical features that facilitate this include:

  • Comprehensive Integration Capabilities: Seamless connectivity with billing systems (like ICOMS), customer management, and order management systems ensures synchronization of all operations.
  • SCORE® Order Management System Integration: This Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) WMS feature allows easy coordination with the SCORE® Order Management System and Direct to Home API Suite, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Tiered Structure Flexibility: Supports multiple facilities, divisions, and sites, with customized user access across different tiers, accommodating the complex structure of large organizations.
  • Advanced Tracking Mechanisms: Offers robust tracking options for multiple Serial, MAC, and Port Addresses, ensuring detailed and accurate equipment tracking.
  • Tech Inventory Management: Enables effective tracking of technician inventory, including issue, return, and aging processes, to manage resources effectively.
  • Customization Options: This option allows users to tailor the system to meet unique organizational needs, ensuring that specific requirements are addressed comprehensively.
A man in in hard hat and high visibility vest installs a satellite dish on a house

Streamlined Operations for MSOs and Contractors

The TSX™MSO System, originally designed for Multiple-System Operators (MSOs) and contractors, integrates a rapid-scanning Warehouse Management System (WMS) with real-time billing system connectivity. This Customer Premises Equipment system setup grants comprehensive data visibility across the enterprise, enhanced by automatic email alerts for any business rule discrepancies. This ensures that management stays informed and proactive.

The system has also been modified to meet the unique needs of the telecommunications and cable sectors. It’s designed to accommodate contractors with specialized features like advanced shipping notices (ASN) for inbound and outbound logistics, tech inventory aging reports to prevent penalties, and automated equipment status updates via MSO integration, aligning closely with the industry’s specific operational needs.

Empower Your Operations with WDS

Unlock the full potential of your Customer Premises Equipment management needs with WDS’s specialized Warehouse Management System (WMS). At WDS, we’re committed to molding our solutions around your unique requirements. We’ll customize your CPE equipment WMS based on a detailed Q&A session, followed by a tailored demonstration for your specific telecom CPE management requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. Our small, expert-led team guarantees rapid communication and personalized service, with over 30 years of experience delivering agile, effective solutions.

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