Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) WMS

A Unique Solution for a Unique Supply Chain Model

As CPE increasingly becomes more proliferated and ubiquitous, it is more important than ever to know where your equipment is, how to turn the equipment, and when and how to integrate new technologies. TSX™MSO by WDS allows supply chain, customer ops, finance, and even marketing to work in concert to provide best-in-class customer experience while managing the bottom line.

When fully integrated, TSX™ provides a “single source of truth” of CPE data and management. WDS can facilitate data among ERP, billing systems, and warehouse inventory management systems into one seamless data warehouse. We also can (and do) integrate with contracted techs and installers to enable visibility into your CPE inventory, whether it is within your own walls, on a contractor’s truck, or someplace in between.

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Cable Telecom Installation Provider Systems with capabilities for rapid equipment deployment to techsKnight Broadband
Cable WMS, Order Entry Portal, Home Delivery with seamless integration to billing systemsBright House Networks
Cable WMS, Order Entry Portal, Home Delivery with seamless integration to billing systemsTime Warner Cable

Major Features

  • Integration with billing(e.g. ICOMS), customer management, order management, etc.
  • Easy integration with our SCORE® Order Management System and Direct to Home API Suite
  • Tiered structure supports multiple facilities, divisions, sites, etc. with varying user access to tiers
  • Fully supported multiple Serial, MAC, and Port Address tracking
  • Tech inventory tracking – Issue, Return, Aging
  • Further customization available to meet virtually any unique need.

Designed for MSOs and Contractors

Originally designed for the Multiple-System Operator (MSO) itself, the TSX™ MSO System provides a rapid scanning WMS with real-time integration to the billing system (via API/Web Service calls) and enterprise-wide visibility to the data. Automatic email triggers alert management to business rules violations and provide automated distribution of critical contractor/tech inventory reports.

Additionally, the system has been modified for the unique needs of contractors in the cable and telecommunications space. These unique modifications include inbound and outbound advanced shipping notices (ASN), tech inventory aging reports to avoid penalties, and MSO integration for automated equipment status updates.