Election Systems and Software

Florida Flag“WDS was able to “listen” to our desires and deliver the unique solution we explained – proof that my team was delivering proper election equipment and ballots to the correct locations. They did this by listening to our objectives and designing a custom solution with Satellite Tracking Technology and real-time dashboards. In addition, WDS crafted a custom solution to target the challenges we faced with post-election barcode scanning, launching an RFID plug-in that works within their existing system and reduced the scanning by 95%”
Florida Election Department

“WDS has been our ‘trusted technology partner’ for the last 15 years, playing an instrumental role in our election process. WDS creates, modifies, and improves its systems to meet our changing needs, all while managing our expectations honestly. We rely heavily on WDS technology to provide a trusted election system to our end users”
Florida Supervisor of Elections

Flag “It took us years to find an asset tracking system that had the capacity to handle our large scale county-wide elections. When we met WDS, we knew immediately that the wait had been worthwhile, as they quickly already understood our election specific needs, as well as the challenges that we were facing. Our team is able to work hand-in-hand with WDS to develop and implement their solutions that meet our changing requirements. Thanks to WDS, we are able to rely on a system that has a proven track record to handle operations our size”
Georgia Election Office

Track Your Ballots and Assets Throughout the Election Cycle

A successful election requires a robust election systems and software solution with accurate inventory management, thorough election preparation, organized field operations, and equipment pickup, and secure media returns.  Our elections & systems software safeguards the physical security and accuracy of these processes through technology that guides the users through a series of checks and balances to ensure steps and assets are not skipped.  Ultimately, we want you to know where your assets and ballots are at all times.

Asset Tracking and GPS Proof-of-Delivery of Critical AssetsFulton County Elections
Ballot Ordering, Ballot and Asset Tracking, Field Ops, Allocation, and Quality AssuranceMiami dade County
Asset Tracking and GPS Proof-of-Delivery of Critical AssetsBroward Elections
Real-time wireless Election Asset Tracking for complete election cycleTarrant Elections
Asset Tracking and Polling Site Checklist and complete ballot reconciliationlongmargin

A Feature-Rich System, Built Through Cooperation with Elections Departments

TSX™ Elections is a complete, real-time tracking system for election departments of all sizes. This fully integrated system has many features including:

  • Ballot ordering suite, including historic voter calculations
  • Chain of custody with real-time validation of ballots, supplies, and equipment
  • Real-time GPS mapping and visibility of assets
  • Browser-based and scalable mobile apps
  • Software Services, Databases, and Servers are all US-Based
  • Microsoft Azure Government Environment for added security!
  • A fully customizable election systems and software package to fit any elections department

Track Your Critical Assets When They Mean the Most: Post Election

  • GPS Enhanced Proof of Pickup (POP)
  • Election Night Dashboard – Provides an easy to read interface, so you know when your assets are returned in real-time
  • Fast and accurate facilitation of voted ballot storage and easy retrieval for audits or recounts