Construction Site Supply Chain Management

Real-Time Materials Tracking For Construction Site Work

Within your operations, the materials needed for job-site work become critical and expensive if left behind and not at the job site when work is scheduled to be performed. Our TSX system provides real-time data collection of materials being gathered or re-supplied for your construction site teams.  Construction Site Inventory Management is crucial for a successful project.

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The TSX system will validate every aspect of the process:

  • Validated picking of materials from stock
  • Cross dock merging of special order supplemental items
  • Staging for the construction site
  • Loading of the materials to the delivery or construction site trucks
  • Validation on arrival at the destination
  • Off-loading of the correct items needed for that site/job
  • Automated alerts for missing or incorrect items being loaded

SCORE®- Supply Chain Order Requisition Express

  • Authorized users replenish standard stock items to their trucks with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Accessibility via field or job devices (tablets/smartphones
  • On-demand ordering from the site
  • GPS tracking of all trucks
  • Data points for each truck, including location speed and direction of travel

Arrival at the job site is confirmed via GPS and the customizable Geofence parameters you create via our TSX management screens. Geofences may be as large (entire development or job site area), or as small (individual units within the job site), as you prefer.  As items are scanned from the truck to the team, the system validates the transactions within the correct Geofence perimeter and a secondary focused Geofence Unit. These transactions are executed in real-time via our TSX Smart Phone App, and real-time updates are available to management via the system’s dashboards.

Complete visibility from TSX provides all data related to the warehouse floor processes, loading validation, delivery and vehicle travel activity, and job site activity. All in real-time, and all with 100% validation. A robust Construction Site Inventory Management system will reduce costs and help you meet deadlines.