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Welcome to Wireless Data Systems, Inc. (WDS), where The Power of Data VisibilityⓇ comes alive with our warehouse management software (WMS). We’re here to help shape how you and your organization envision data collection and validation both now and in the future.

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Why Choose WDS?

Discover a new era in warehouse management software and wireless data services with WDS. As an established WMS company, we deliver on our promises as we continue to master the art of innovation and efficiency while offering solutions that redefine industry standards for some of the largest and most successful corporations and entities in our world.

From furniture to construction to our election systems, and from cable and telecommunications to cruise lines and hospitality, business moves fast, and we develop tracking and management solutions for your inventory and assets to keep you informed, confident, and prepared for any situation.

Here are a few reasons why you should partner with us

Customized and Tailored Solutions

As a leading WMS company, we don’t settle for one-size-fits-all. Our warehouse management software (WMS) and wireless data services start with a core product and are customized into tailor-made solutions designed for your specific needs. Our Q&A process shapes your solutions, followed by a captivating demonstration that lets you experience the power of our customization.

Experience and Expertise

With over 30 years of experience, WDS has been at the forefront of innovation. We’ve introduced groundbreaking wireless applications and seamless ERP integrations, changing how businesses operate. Our legacy speaks volumes about our commitment to shaping the future of warehouse management software and wireless data services.

Personalized Approach

We’re not just a WMS company; we’re your allies on the journey to WMS efficiency. Our small company size empowers us to provide a personal touch. When you engage with us, you connect directly with experts who are passionate about your success. Swift communication, guidance, and genuine partnership define our customer service approach.

Featured Product


Our WMS Mobile Engine is the answer to your handheld inventory management system needs, marrying historical innovation with modern-day technology for seamless warehouse mobile solutions. Our innovative handheld WMS isn’t just an upgrade—it’s a reinvention!

How Does Our WMS Software Work?

Discover How to Connect Your Business to the Future

Our company’s warehouse management system software (WMS) is designed to revolutionize warehouse operations, offering a straightforward and efficient pathway to modernize and streamline your storage facilities. Here’s how it brings a futuristic approach to your business:

  • Simple, Easy Setup: Our WMS is engineered for a straightforward implementation, ensuring your transition to cutting-edge warehouse management is as seamless as possible. This ease of setup means your business can quickly start to benefit from our advanced wireless data services software features without the typical steep learning curve, paving the way for a more efficient, future-ready operation.
  • Seamless Integration Across Various Industries: Designed with versatility in mind, our software seamlessly integrates with many industries, from retail to manufacturing. This adaptability ensures that no matter your sector, our company’s WMS can cater to your specific needs, enhancing operational efficiency and connectivity across all levels of your supply chain.
  • Real-time Updates: Keep your finger on the pulse with immediate updates on inventory changes, ensuring your data remains accurate and up-to-date. This feature is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and making informed decisions based on the latest information.
  • Virtually Unlimited Item and Serial Number Handling: With the capability to manage an extensive range of items and serial numbers, our system supports your business growth by offering unmatched flexibility and scalability in inventory management, allowing you to expand your operations without limitations.
  • Receiving and PO Receiving (Serialized and Non-Serialized): Our company’s WMS stands out by accurately managing both serialized and non-serialized inventory from the moment it arrives, ensuring precise tracking and accountability for every item, and minimizing errors and discrepancies in stock levels.
  • Picklist Creation: Optimize your order fulfillment with customizable picklists, improving the speed and accuracy of picking processes. This feature allows for more efficient organization and management of order picking, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Label Printing (ICNs, License Plate Pallet Labels, etc.): Our comprehensive label printing capabilities facilitate the efficient identification and tracking of inventory. By generating various types of labels, including ICNs and license plate pallet labels, our WMS streamlines this process, enhancing operational workflow and accuracy.
  • Advanced Shipping Notices: As a leading WMS company, we help you stay ahead with detailed insights into incoming shipments through our advanced shipping notices. This preemptive information allows for better inventory planning and coordination, streamlining receiving processes, and improving supply chain efficiency.

By choosing our WMS and wireless data services system, you’re not just implementing a new software system but embracing a future-focused warehouse management approach. Our platform is crafted to bring efficiency, accuracy, and scalability to your operations, connecting your business to the future and ensuring that you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Monthly Shipping Cost Calculator

Our innovative calculator is a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimize their shipping processes and reduce costs. Understanding freight shipping, logistics, and warehouse costs is vital, and our calculator simplifies this complex task, providing you actionable insights with high-level examples of saving potential for your business operations.

Freight/Shipping Costs

Monthly Average of Parcels Shipped


Average Shipping Cost Per Parcel


Current Shipping Accuracy


Do you offer "free" shipping?


Reverse Logistics on Mistakes?


Replacement Items Shipped on Mistakes?



Time it Takes to Pick/Pack/Ship an Order (Minutes)


Time it Takes to Restock an Item (Minutes)


Average WH Employee Wage per hour

At your current accuracy level At 99% Accuracy
Initial Shipping Cost
Hours Spent on Initial Shipments
Initial Labor Cost
Number of Mistakes
Reverse Logistics Shipping Cost
Hours Spent on Reverse Logistics
Reverse Logistics Labor Cost
Replacement Logistics Shipping
Hours Spent on Replacement Logistics
Replacement Logistics Labor Cost
Monthly Total on Shipping
Potential Savings with 99% Accuracy

Join the Wireless Data Services Revolution

Are you ready to step into a world where your unique needs are met with tailor-made precision? Embrace a partnership with our WMS company that’s backed by 30+ years of experience, personalized attention, and a commitment to rewriting the rules.

At WDS, we don’t just offer wireless data services and solutions; we offer a transformative journey toward efficiency, powered by innovation and guided by personalized attention.

Partnering with WDS

Working with WDS means embracing innovation and customization. We strive to make the technical journey enjoyable for you and your business. We’re not just about warehouse management software solutions or wireless data services; we’re about crafting success stories for our clients that resonate with theirs. Contact us today to speak with our experts about implementing solutions for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes WDS different from other warehouse management software providers?

WDS stands out for its commitment to delivering customized and tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business. With over 30 years of experience as a WMS company, we offer innovative solutions and a personalized approach, ensuring that our warehouse management software and wireless data services exceed industry standards.

Can WDS warehouse management software integrate with other business systems?

WDS’s warehouse management software solutions offer robust integration capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity to your business systems via our API Suite. We incorporate seamless ERP integrations into our warehouse logistics software, changing how businesses operate while creating a more interconnected and efficient environment. This integration is crucial for facilitating smoother communication between different business systems, streamlining operations, enhancing data accuracy, and improving overall efficiency.

How does the WDS Mobile Engine enhance operational efficiency in warehouse management?

Our WDS Mobile Engine is designed to significantly boost warehouse management and wireless data services efficiency by facilitating seamless integration with warehouse mobile computers and smartphones. This browser and device-agnostic platform is optimized for speed, offering rapid response times and real-time data connections to streamline operations and reduce errors like double receiving. Its advanced capabilities ensure high operational efficiency. Partner with a WMS company committed to your success.

Are the solutions offered by WDS scalable for growing businesses?

Absolutely. Our warehouse management software is specifically crafted for expanding warehouse environments, providing a solid foundation for growth without the need for complex setups. As your business grows, our system adapts, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

How does WDS ensure a personalized approach to its clients?

At WDS, we pride ourselves on our small company size, which allows us to provide a personal touch. You’ll connect directly with experts passionate about your success, offering swift communication, guidance, and a genuine partnership. This personalized approach defines our customer service, ensuring that your specific WMS needs are met with precision.