SCORE® Order Management Portal

A Versatile Order Management Tool


SCORE® Order Management is a multifaceted tool, adaptable for external (customer orders), internal (job and tech orders), and as an interface for EDI API inputs. Externally, it offers a user-friendly order management portal, enabling item selection in a familiar shopping cart format. Internally, the system enhances efficiency through an order template feature, allowing technicians to rapidly submit orders with multiple items in just a few clicks. Its integration capabilities with various systems, including Wireless Data Systems, Inc. (WDS)-owned or legacy platforms, significantly minimize manual data entry, enhance data accuracy, and ultimately contribute to cost savings.

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Advanced Order Management Tools with SCORE® Portal


If you’re looking to harness efficiency and precision in order processing, our SCORE® Portal is the ideal solution for businesses of all scales. Its flexibility and range of features make it an invaluable asset for any operation seeking to optimize order handling and tracking.

Key features of SCORE®:

  • Customizability: Tailored to meet specific business requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your operational needs.
  • Multiple Order Intake Channels: Supports diverse order sources, including an online portal, EDI, API, and other web services, offering versatility in order management.
  • Order Tracking: Enables precise tracking of orders throughout their lifecycle, enhancing transparency and customer service.
  • Robust Reporting and Dashboard: Provides valuable insights into sales, order history, and performance metrics through comprehensive reporting tools and graphical dashboards.
  • Customizable Alerts: Ensures timely notifications to relevant parties (customers, technicians, supervisors, warehouse managers) about order statuses.

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Practical Applications:

In a recent large-scale warehouse consolidation project, WDS transformed a client’s fragmented order processes—previously managed through rudimentary spreadsheets and manual methods—into a centralized, automated system using the SCORE® Order Management Tool. This integration was crucial in consolidating over 30 regional warehouses into a single operation, significantly reducing order processing errors and lost orders and enhancing overall efficiency. By automating over 80 different manual processes into one unified system, SCORE® proved its effectiveness in centralizing and streamlining complex order management tasks, demonstrating its capacity to revolutionize business operations.


Embrace the Future of Order Management Today


Ready to streamline your order management operations? SCORE® Order Management Portal, equipped with advanced EDI API integration, redefines how businesses handle orders, merging precision, adaptability, and user-friendliness. Transform your order management approach and enjoy improved operational efficiency and accuracy. Want a closer look at how the SCORE® Order Management Tool can revolutionize your business processes? Contact us for a free consultation or book a demo today to discover the unparalleled benefits it can offer. Take the first step in optimizing your order processes with our expert team guiding you every step of the way.