SCORE Order Management Portal

A Diverse Order Management Tool

SCORE Order Management can be utilized externally (customer orders), internally (job and tech orders), or as a front end to facilitate EDI/API inputs. For external orders, the order management portal allows the user to select items under today’s shopping cart style standard. For internal orders, the system provides an order template option. With this option a tech can submit an order, with an unlimited number of items, in as little as 3 clicks. Furthermore, integration with other systems (WDS owned or legacy) will reduce swivel chair data entry, improve accuracy, and lower the bottom line.

Cable WMS, Order Entry Portal, Home Delivery with seamless integration to billing systemsCharter Spectrum
Cable WMS, Order Entry Portal, Home Delivery with seamless integration to billing systemsBright House Networks

Some key features of SCORE

  • Customizability allows it to be specialized for your needs
  • Multiple order intake channels (online portal, EDI, API, other web services)
  • Order tracking capabilities
  • Robust reporting options and graphical dashboard can provide insights into sales/order history and performance
  • Customizable alerts ensure the right people are notified of the status of an order (customer, tech, tech supervisor, warehouse manager, etc.)

A Case Study

WDS recently completed a large warehouse consolidation project for a client. The company was consolidating 30+ regional warehouses into one centralized operation. Within a very short time frame, WDS was tasked to not only improve warehouse and inventory processes, but to create a centralized solution to accept and process product orders for the company’s internal customers.

Before the WDS implementation, the client’s orders were often captured in rudimentary spreadsheets – or even handwritten at times. It was estimated that over 80 different manual order processes were being used. This allowed for no order tracking capability and many orders were lost or never completed. The goal was to automate all of these separate processes into one centralized system.

Within a year, WDS implemented SCORE. The system now manages the flow of products in and out of their centralized warehouse to the company’s customers.