Furniture Warehouse Management System

Our TSX™ Furniture Warehouse Management System provides furniture industry clients with the efficiencies of a WMS but tailored to solve furniture-specific challenges.

Easy to use:

  • Users can learn all warehouse functions on mobile devices in hours instead of days, which is critical to address the difficult labor environment.

Brutally honest data to recognize and reward your good employees:

  • Have the data to recognize and reward your employees producing the highest quality productivity.

Reduce handling damage:

  • Use pallets and carts to reduce repeated pickup and set down (PUSD) handling that increases furniture damage.

Eliminate broken delivery promises made to customers:

  • Precise inventory means promised items are available in alignment with promised delivery dates.

Eliminate left behind items:

  • When the customer’s orders are being shipped or loaded on the delivery trucks, don’t orphan items and leave them in the warehouse.

Furniture-friendly Unit of Measure management:

  • Allow and track assemblies made partial when set or kit is broken (i.e. Quickly update inventory where a chair is removed from a two-chair kit).

so much more…


Labor Reports

Furniture WMS with full ERP integration and real-time supply chain managementMaxwood Company
Furniture-specific WMS with real-time management and visibility of serialized inventoryCity Furniture
Furniture-specific WMS with real-time management and visibility of serialized inventoryTrinity Transport
3PL WMS with robust roles based security and automatic billing for 3PL servicesShelba Johnson Trucking

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Deeper dive…?

TSX™ Furniture Warehouse Management System Features
All traditional Inventory Management with end-to-end real-time tracking.
Receive, Putaway, Pick, Load Trucks, Physical Inventory, Cycle Counting, more….

Furniture-specific WMS functions (all validated and recorded in real-time):


  • Serialized item labeling during Receiving (barcode and/or RFID).
  • Receive to license plated transport cart or pallet.
  • Receiving dashboard.


  • Directed to storage or backorder fulfillment.
  • Random storage by availability.

Order fulfillment

  • Assign pick orders to specific users.
  • Wave pick for high-volume items.
  • Order fulfillment across multiple facilities.
  • Paperless pick instructions on mobile devices.
  • Picking dashboard.

Packing – Staging

  • Wave Pick item-to-order breakout.
  • Gather/group/stage items by order.

Load Truck

  • Route Management (when applicable).
  • Customer order accuracy validated during loading.
  • Supervisor required for anomaly override.
  • Shipping dashboard.

Labor Reward™ enablement

  • All user transactions are recorded and viewable in real time.
  • All mobile user screens are saved and retrievable for user activity forensics.
  • Daily labor activity reports.


  • Kitting (Light Assembly).
  • Build Multiple Units of Measure Per Item.
  • LIFO (delivery loading).
  • FIFO (move old stock).
  • FEFO (for cleaning/care chemical products/kits).

And finally…

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