Custom Solutions

A Square Peg Does Not Fit a Round Hole

And at WDS we do not think you should try. In our experience, customers are much happier and see a greater ROI when the solution fits their operation. Additionally, customizing their solution offers them a greater sense of ownership of their system, which, in turn, leads to more use and further custom solutions. Finally, a custom solution gives our customers a competitive edge. For example, we can reduce or eliminate bottlenecks by modifying a process, or we can introduce security where it was lacking before. These seemingly minor changes can often make a large difference.

Industry-first Interline Baggage Tracking & Security including special military baggage logistics
Passenger Baggage Tracking & Security – PaxTrax Industry first baggage/passenger matching
Container Yard Management providing significant drayage savings
Construction Equipment Tracking via smart phone devices with Bluetooth paired scanners
WMS Controlling PLCs for non-visible material movement and disposition status in real-time
Industry first Interline Baggage Tracking & Security for US Customs/Homeland Security
MFG WMS with real-time validation of job site truck loading and delivery
Aerospace Industrial Equipment scanning stations at every location on traveler ticket
Air Cargo Loading with real-time flight cargo manifest

Start From the Penthouse, Not the Ground Floor

With WDS, a custom solution does not mean you are starting with nothing. The vast majority of our customers start with a base WMS or some of our other modules and make customizations or add additional modules. We consider our systems to be stand alone enterprise class-systems as is. Any customizations are typically being built in addition to that.

Creative Design Backed by a Wealth of Experience

On more than one occasion, we have designed a system/module on the back of napkin while discussing with a client. Very quickly we can identify the problem, develop multiple possible solutions, and articulate to the client the advantages and disadvantages. We love designing solutions for clients and with clients, and we can do that because we have been doing it for over 25 years. This way you can be confident that your custom solution is actually achievable.