Proof of Delivery (POD) Software

Track Your Ballots and Assets

Election day logistics demand precision and reliability. Our Proof of Delivery (POD) software at Wireless Data Systems, Inc. (WDS) is designed to safeguard this critical process. With GPS technology, we ensure every asset reaches its intended destination accurately and nothing is overlooked or left behind. This proof of delivery system isn’t just about tracking; it’s about providing peace of mind. Thanks to our expertise in developing innovative election systems, you’ll have the confidence that your assets and ballots are secure and exactly where they need to be.

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A Feature-Rich System, Built Through Cooperation with Elections Departments

TSX™ Elections from WDS is a comprehensive solution for election departments of all sizes. This platform, crafted through a deep understanding of election department needs, embodies the essence of a reliable, all-encompassing election logistics tool. Developed in close collaboration with election experts, our proof of delivery software offers a range of features that enhance the integrity and efficiency of the entire election process.

  • Chain of Custody: Real-time validation of ballots, supplies, and equipment ensures integrity.
  • GPS Mapping and Visibility: Real-time tracking for complete asset visibility.
  • Scalable Solutions: Browser-based and mobile apps adaptable to various scales.
  • Customizable Framework: Tailored to meet unique election department needs.

To ensure seamless management of election assets, the TSX™ Elections system focuses on critical stages of deployment, each designed to enhance security and efficiency:

  • Pre-Election Asset Preparation: Assets are carefully prepared and allocated to specific elections and precincts, ensuring each location is well-equipped for election day.
  • Assignment to the Election and Precincts: After preparation, assets are methodically distributed to their designated elections and precincts, with allocations based on precise algorithms and historical data.
  • Loading Assets to Delivery Trucks: This phase involves securely loading assets onto trucks, with strict monitoring to account for all materials.
  • GPS Enhanced ‘Bread Crumb’ Tracking of Delivery Trucks: Real-time GPS tracking monitors the trucks’ routes, providing continuous oversight of the assets during transit.
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) at Verified Polling Sites: Upon arrival, a Proof of Delivery system confirms the accurate delivery of all assets to their respective polling sites.
  • Receiving Center and Election Night Receiving: Critical items (media, voted ballots, etc.) need to be returned on election night. Scan assets into regional collection centers then into the warehouse. RFID receiving also available.
  • Proof of Pickup (POP): Ensure you retrieve all delivered assets, reducing or eliminating the need for return trips.
  • Post-Election Receiving: Reconcile all assets sent out to the election. RFID scanning can be implemented to make this process less hectic.

Secure Your Election Process with WDS

Opt for WDS to ensure your election processes are seamless and secure. With over 30 years of experience, including breakthroughs in election systems technology, we offer customized solutions tailored precisely to your needs. Our specialized approach in election logistics, from robust asset tracking to real-time data integration, ensures efficiency and accuracy. Experience a personalized service where every call leads to a solution designed just for you.

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Georgia Election Office“It took us years to find an asset tracking system that had the capacity to handle our large scale county-wide elections. When we met WDS, we knew immediately that the wait had been worthwhile, as they quickly already understood our election specific needs, as well as the challenges that we were facing. Our team is able to work hand-in-hand with WDS to develop and implement their solutions that meet our changing requirements. Thanks to WDS, we are able to rely on a system that has a proven track record to handle operations our size”
Georgia Election Office