TSX™ Elections System for Critical Asset Tracking

A Reliable Election Management System


Election management is a high-stakes process that demands unparalleled precision and reliability. Election officials must ensure that every ballot and associated item is retrieved, transported, and accounted for, maintaining the utmost standard of democratic principles. At Wireless Data Systems, Inc. (WDS), we provide the TSX™ Elections System with real-time dashboards for critical asset tracking so you can confidently navigate the complexities of election asset management with ease. This system shows complete chain of custody and transparency from the moment assets are assigned to the election, delivered, and retrieved post-election. Our system is designed to uphold the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and efficiency by meticulously tracking every ballot and associated asset through every phase of the election cycle.

Watch our video to see how our TSX™ Real-Time Elections Dashboard helps with critical asset tracking!


Innovative Features Designed to Streamline Elections


The TSX™ Elections System by WDS is crafted to meet the demanding needs of modern election management. Designed for precision and security, this barcode scanning system expertly tracks, manages, and safeguards every election asset, ensuring the integrity of each ballot from issuance to final count. This critical asset tracking system is a product of collaborative efforts with U.S. election departments, ensuring it addresses real-world challenges with precision and efficiency.

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Key features and benefits include:

  • Ballot Ordering Suite: Utilizes historical voter data to optimize ballot distribution, ensuring accuracy and adequacy in ballot allocation.
  • Chain of Custody Assurance: Implements a comprehensive system for real-time validation of ballots, supplies, and equipment, ensuring the integrity and security of every election asset.
  • Real-Time GPS Mapping: Provides immediate visibility of critical assets, facilitating efficient tracking and management throughout the election process.
  • Scalable Mobile Applications: Offers browser-based applications adaptable to the varied and dynamic requirements of different election environments.
  • Robust Infrastructure: Relies on dependable U.S.-based software services, databases, and servers, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted election asset tracking.
  • Enhanced Security: Employs the Microsoft Azure Government environment, providing top-tier security for all election-related data and processes.
  • Customizable Solutions: Tailors systems to fit specific election processes, guaranteeing smooth and secure operations.

These features collectively make the TSX™ Elections system an invaluable tool for election departments, ensuring seamless asset tracking and maintaining the sanctity and trust in the democratic process. With WDS’s advanced software, election management becomes reliable during and beyond election day.


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Begin your journey to efficient election asset management with WDS. We pride ourselves on swift, direct communication and a personal approach to each project. Our team’s passion and agility in development mean you receive customized solutions rapidly, with real-time effectiveness. Contact us now for a detailed consultation on our critical asset tracking system and see the difference our expertise makes in ensuring seamless election operations.