IoT – Internet of Things

Robotics and IoT Division

The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly been enshrined as one of the most critical and influential technologies of the 21st century. IoT refers to a network of physical objects (things) that incorporate software, sensors, and other technologies meant to connect and exchange data with systems/devices over the internet. The complexities of these devices range significantly, but Wireless Data Systems, Inc. (WDS) has managed to build a series of technologies that are robust and dynamic – breaking new barriers in software and hardware solutions.

Officially started in the summer of 2020, our Robotics and IoT Division already has multiple unique solutions under development and a patent pending filed with the U.S. Patent Office. Our goal is to use some of the more effective technologies to solve problems for our current and future clients. They will also be integrated with our robust inventory and warehouse management software to provide a complete solution.

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IoT’s Role in Crafting a Complete Technology Solution

The key to success in operating connected machines or objects is to achieve a seamless line of communication. In the simplest terms, IoT means that objects are “talking” to each other and this communication is founded on dynamic technology that is constantly evolving. At WDS, we utilize a wide range of machines that have the capacity to communicate via the internet.

Some of the viable technologies that we deploy include drones or unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned terrestrial vehicles, RFID, GPS, 5G and much more. Our arsenal of solutions allow unmatched functionality so that our clients can track everything, everywhere, all the time.

These are some of our popular devices and product features:

Drone Image Capture

Visual checkpoints are critical in nearly every facet of moving inventory. Combining a drone, camera module, and geofence creation system, the Drone Image Capture is a GPS regulated, semi-autonomous image capturing system that creates waypoints along a perimeter fence or over your roof. In doing so, visual checks are performed with ease – placing a special emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness.

GPS Tracking Technology

GPS tracking has infiltrated nearly every aspect of life, underlining the importance of ensuring that location-specific activity is being carried out at the right time and place. With Breadcrumb Tracking and Geofence Validation, our GPS Tracking Technology gives our customers the peace of mind that specific tasks are being completed at the right location.

Drone Assisted Field Tracking and Counting of Assets

Outdoor asset tracking is critical to ensuring that our clients can serve their customers in the most streamlined, reliable way possible. With Drone Assisted Field Tracking and Counting of Assets, we employ multiple technologies as well as a drone/unmanned aerial vehicle to accelerate outdoor asset tracking.

RFID Saturation Technology

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) plays a key role in tracking assets. WDS offers a long range RFID module that can actually double as a stationary saturation point. As a result, the module has the capacity to detect changes improperly recorded via our WMS as long as the system is positioned correctly. With this feature, alerts can be set to send to management, thus catching errors early and reducing operational costs.

Pallet/Truck Image Capture

A picture is worth more than a thousand words when it comes to inventory and warehouse management. As items are scanned, the WDS Pallet/Truck Image Capture uses camera modules to take images of the pallet/truck. Then, the images are linked to the serials in our WMS as well as each line item on each manifest. This feature brings reliability and accountability to new heights.

RFID (Human or Robotic)

Another example of the dynamic nature of the WDS system lies in our RFID, which can be attached to a robot or run manually. With the ability to scan items from the floor, RFID allows for a seamless, coordinated effort to keep assets organized.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

With the GPS Assisted Proof-of-Delivery Mobile App or the standalone GPS unit, customers are able to track the exact location of deliveries. Easily install the application on a smartphone to create unmatched tracking capabilities for all of your assets.

Wi-Fi and Cellular (Including 5G)

Each and every one of WDS’s modules interact with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) in real-time. This allows for seamless lines of communication that is vital to business fluidity. Connecting in the cloud via API calls as well as Wi-Fi (inside) and 5G (outside), makes our solution dynamic and reliable. Our system was built with the capacity to integrate with our WMS, a client’s current WMS, and can even exist as a standalone system.

IoT Fuels a New Wave of Possibilities

With 30 years in business, WDS has the experience to understand when and where the above technologies fit into the overall inventory and warehouse management process. From connectivity to scalability and from cloud computing to reliable sensor technology, IoT and robotics have opened the doors for solutions that solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

At WDS, our Robotics and IoT Division is constantly pushing the limits of technology – discovering software and hardware solutions that unlock a new level of business value for our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our ever-evolving pursuit of improving business productivity and efficiency.