TSX™ Hospitality WMS

A Unique Solution for a Unique Supply Chain Model

At WDS, we never try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Each industry and each customer has unique processes and needs. Due to the constant customer churn and inventory turn, the hospitality industry has a very unique supply chain model. We originally built our Hospitality WMS around a cruise line operation; however, we soon recognized the similarities to other hospitality sects (resorts, hotels, and event management). Today, our TSX™ Hospitality WMS has a variety of features to support virtually any hospitality supply chain need.

Major Features

  • Tiered structure can support multiple corporations, properties, and facilities all in one application. Users can be given access to one, some, or all levels.
  • Baggage Handling and Tracking Module
  • Third Party Logistics Support
  • Manage inventory through a distribution center or direct to property
  • Quarantine Management and Hazardous Materials Modules
  • Further customization available to meet virtually any unique need.

Cruise Line

Our TSX™ Hospitality WMS is currently providing supply chain control and efficiencies to many of the world’s largest cruise lines. A compact window of time exists between the receipt of the goods at the consolidation warehouse to the delivery of goods to each vessel at the port. The real-time (wireless) nature of our solutions was the groundbreaking technology in 1995 that helped facilitate the successful execution of this rapid and efficient inventory-turn. That capability became a mandatory technology with the introduction of today’s new class of massive vessels and we have always been at the forefront of technology in this industry