Direct to Home API Suite

Embrace 3rd Party Shipping and Take Advantage of E-Commerce


As e-commerce becomes the industry standard, the demand for fast and efficient shipping solutions has become necessary. Navigating the complexities of coordinating with third-party shipping services such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx presents its own challenges. Questions about scheduling shipments, tracking numerous orders, Self-Install Kit (SIK) fulfillment, and ensuring successful delivery are common. Addressing these concerns, Wireless Data Systems, Inc. (WDS) introduces the Direct to Home API Suite, a sophisticated integration tool that consolidates data from the shipper’s system, your billing system, and your Warehouse Management System (WMS) into a unified platform.

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Streamline Your E-Commerce Logistics with Our Direct to Home API Suite


Our API Suite not only updates delivery statuses in real-time, enhancing transparency for businesses and customers, but also proactively notifies customers upon delivery completion. Whether you need customized direct ship SIK outbound or innovative logistics solutions, our API Suite is designed to improve the efficiency of shipping and handling processes. By automating and integrating various logistical aspects, this API Suite by WDS redefines the e-commerce shipping experience, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction at every step.

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How It Works:

The API Suite functions as a seamless bridge between various components of the e-commerce logistics chain:

  • Order Placement: Customers order through the SCORE® Order Portal.
  • Order Validation: The API Suite checks the order against the customer’s approved services.
  • Automated SIK Fulfillment: A pick list is automatically generated and sent to the warehouse.
  • Real-Time Verification: Our TSX™ WMS confirms order picking in real-time.
  • Shipping Coordination: The suite connects with the shipper’s API for scheduling and updates.
  • Customer Notification: Updates, including final delivery notifications, are sent to customers automatically.


Integration Layers:

  • Order Management to Billing: Verifies customer billing status and updates equipment billing automatically.
  • Order Management to WMS: Confirms equipment availability, passes pick lists, and validates order updates.
  • WMS to Shipper: Automates label generation and tracking number association.
  • Shipper to Customer: Notifies customers about shipment status, delivery issues, and delivery confirmation.
  • Shipper to Billing System: Updates billing status post-delivery.


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