Direct to Home API Suite

Embrace 3rd Party Shipping and Take Advantage of E-Commerce

With E-Commerce becoming the new industry standard, fast and efficient shipping is a necessity. However, utilizing 3rd Party Shippers (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) can be a daunting task. How do you schedule shipping? How do you keep track of so many different orders/tracking numbers? How can you be sure it arrived? Our Direct to Home API Suite integrates with the shipper’s system, your billing system, your WMS, and more to ferry data back to a single system of truth. Delivery status is updated in real-time to inform you and the customer of the shipment status. Instantly notify the customer when the shipment is delivered to increase customer satisfaction and reduce porch theft.

How does it work?

For simplicity, we will be referencing our own ancillary systems, but legacy system integration is also possible.

  1. Customer places an order via our SCORE Order Portal
  2. Our API Suite validates the order against the approved services on the customer’s profile
  3. If approved, a pick list is automatically sent to the warehouse for fulfillment
  4. Order picking is verified in real-time using our TSX™ WMS
  5. The API Suite connects with the shipper’s API (UPS, FedEx, etc.) to schedule the shipment and receive status updates
  6. Those status updates are automatically relayed to the appropriate customer email and will, most importantly, notify them when the shipment is delivered

Integration Layers

  • Order management portal to Billing System: Verify customer status in billing system and update billed equipment automatically
  • Order management portal to WMS: Verify equipment quantities before ordering, automatically pass pick lists to warehouse, automatically validate order updates and pass information along to warehouse
  • WMS to Shipper: Once order has been picked, automatically generate labels and associate a tracking number for shipment
  •  Shipper to Customer (via automated emails): Notify customer of status changes, delivery issues, and final delivery notice
  • Shipper to Billing System: Update customer status upon delivery to begin billing