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Founded in November of 1990 with headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, Wireless Data Systems, Inc. (WDS) has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing complete warehouse management software and hardware solutions. We began our journey by creating mobile, real-time data collection and validation software for large enterprises. Today, WDS is a pioneer in offering innovative and customized technology and data management solutions for various industries, including warehousing, furniture, elections management, cable and telecommunications, 3PL Solutions, and more.

We’ve worked with some of the largest public and private organizations in the United States, including Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Charter Communications, The Miami-Dade Elections Department, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, and Miami International Airport. Count on our expertise to ensure your unique needs are met with tailor-made precision.

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Our Mission and Vision


At WDS, we’re committed to crafting customized solutions that transform how industries operate. Our mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge, customizable warehouse management systems and transformative wireless data solutions that enhance operational efficiency and promote data-driven decision-making. We thrive on innovation, channeling years of expertise and personal and direct business approach into each project. With WDS, you’re gaining a reliable, experienced team dedicated to bringing your data management vision to life.

Our suite of products, including the Furniture Warehouse Management System, 3PL Solutions, Direct to Home API Suite, SCOREⓇ Order Management Portal, and more, are testaments to our commitment to quality and precision. At WDS, we’re not just selling technology products; we’re offering a partnership where your success is our triumph. Our dynamic solutions and swift and effective communication ensure that every interaction with WDS leaves a lasting, positive impact.


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Why Choose WDS?


Choosing WDS means opting for a partner who values your business as much as you do. Our experienced management team, brimming with passion, stands ready to embark on a journey with you towards unparalleled data management efficiency. Whether you need to streamline your warehouse management processes, make your cable order management more efficient, or transform your construction site inventory management, we personalize each solution to align perfectly with your specific requirements.

Our approach begins with a thorough Q & A session with our top experts to understand your unique needs, followed by a tailored demonstration, ensuring a perfect fit for your business. Our small, dedicated team ensures rapid response and agile development, guaranteeing you receive a functional, efficient product with minimal wait time. Choose WDS for a partnership that prioritizes innovation, speed, and strong business relationships. Reach out to us, and let’s transform the future of data handling together.

WDS Management Team

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Vice President
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Lead TSX™ Developer
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Development Project Manager
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