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    Furniture Accurate Deliveries
    Furniture industry has many challenges with accurate deliveries and installation of customer orders. Our TSX™ Furniture Solution assist with every aspect of Customer Order Fulfillment.
    Importance of Serializing Inventory in Furniture Warehousing
    Our TSX™ Furniture Solution serialize barcode labels all items. This allows for a complete audit trail of a specific item’s history from the moment it’s received to the moment it’s delivery to a customer’s home.
    Handling Furniture with Carts, Pallets, and Sleds
    Our TSX™ System Solutions for the Furniture industry directly improves our client’s ability to deliver accurate, on-time, damage-free products to their customer’s homes. We have 30 years of experience in designing and implmenting supply chain solutions for Furniture operations. Call today for more details.
    Furniture Supply Chain Validation
    The TSX™ Furniture system is specifically designed to address and improve many furniture-specific processes that present challenges to traditional WMS products.
    Custom Solutions – Typically 90% Base System, 10% Customization
    And at WDS we do not think you should try. In our experience, customers are much happier and see a greater ROI when the solution fits their operation. Additionally, customizing their solution offers them a greater sense of ownership of their system, which, in turn, leads to more use and further custom solutions.
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    TSX™ Supply Chain and Logistics Systems
    TSX™ overview of the TSX™ Elections, Cable Internet Operators, Cruise Lines, 3PL, and Transportation solutions.
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    TSX™ Cruise Line Systems – Supply Chain & Logistics
    TSX™ Elections Real-Time Supply Chain System for Cruise Lines & Hospitality
    TSX™ Supply Chain System for Cable Operators
    TSX™ MSO Real-Time Supply Chain System for Cable Operators
    TSX™ Warehouse Management System (WMS) Basics
    Video showing an overview of the basic responsibilities of our TSX™ WMS solution. There are many more features, but these are some of the key functions that move product into your facilities, through all internal movement, and outbound to your customers.
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    Inventory Cycle Counts and Full Counts
    The inventory module behavior of the Cycle Count is nearly identical to the Full Physical Count. There are differences where operational changes must be applied during a full physical count, but the mechanics of the users counting, and the handheld prompting is identical.
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