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    Setting Font Size on Early Mobile Browser
    Before responsive screens our systems were resizing the footprint of the application screens, but the browser has independent controls for font sizes. This video shows how those adjustments worked.
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    Warm Boot Intermec CK3
    Sequence to warm boot the Intermec CK3 mobile handheld. The main menu screen (after reboot and log on) also shows some of the standard functions in our application.
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    Set/Check CK3 Network Selections
    How to set network settings on the Intermec CK3.
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    Set CK3 WiFi & IP
    Set WiFi and IP configuration on the Intermec (Honeywell) CK3 handheld.
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    ThingMagic M6e RFID DEV Kit SoftReset2
    Behavior found between the M6e DEV Kit board and the Universal Reader Assistant software. After Soft Reset, or power cycle the software commands stop controlling the board. Restarting software is required.
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    The R&D Tax Credit and How it May Help During COVID-19
    Learn about how the R&D tax credit may help you offset your R&D costs, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. And, see how a couple of our systems may help you adjust to the changing landscape. Some of the costs for implementing said systems may be eligible for said tax break.
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