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    TopShelf PLC
    TopShelf system calling PLC APIs to open and close doors to heating chambers where batteries were being cured.
    Categories: Early Days
    Passenger Baggage Tracking and Validation
    First of it’s kind system that used passenger itineraries, baggage tags, wireless real-time mobile scanners, and application dashboards to provide airlines with real-time tracking and management of passengers and their baggage.
    Categories: Aviation, Early Days
    Tags: Airline
    Miami International Airport Interline Baggage Tracking
    First of it’s kind in aviation, WDS installs wireless tracking of Interline Baggage for international flights.
    Categories: Aviation, Early Days
    Tags: Airline
    Setting Font Size on Early Mobile Browser
    Before responsive screens, our systems resized the footprint of the application screens, but the browser has independent controls for font sizes. This video shows how those adjustments worked.
    Categories: Early Days, Tips