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    Election Night Dashboard for Critical Asset Tracking
    Our TSX™ Real-time Elections Dashboard provides Critical Asset Chain of Custody and Current Status/Location Confirmation.
    Categories: Elections, IoT
    RFID Post-Election Asset Reconciliation
    Use our TSX™ RFID technology to efficiently receive and account for all Election Assets and Equipment returned to the warehouse.
    Categories: Elections, IoT
    TSX™ Election Night Retrieval of Critical Assets
    A successful election involves accurate inventory management, thorough election preparation, organized field operations and equipment pickup, and secure media returns. Our system safeguards the physical security and accuracy of these processes through technology.
    Categories: Elections, Field Ops
    Tags: Dashboard, GPS, POD
    Proof of Delivery (POD) for Elections Operations
    The TSX(tm) Proof of Delivery (POD) solution provides a complete chain of custody and tracking (reported in real-time) or all asset movement. Tracking includes asset to precinct validation, validation that assets are delivered within a Geofence around the Polling Site, accountability of all users via real-time recording of all transactions, and complete audit trails of…
    Categories: Elections, Field Ops
    Tags: GPS, POD
    Elections Critical Assets Dashboard
    Election night real-time tracking, chain of custody, and user accountability provided by the WDS TSX™ Election Night Tracking module and dashboard.
    Categories: Elections
    TSX™ Elections Supply Chain
    TSX™ Elections is a complete, real-time tracking system for election departments of all sizes. The system automates the ordering of ballots, tracks receiving activity and storage of all inventory and assets during pre-election activities, directs picking and transferring for Absentee, Early Voting, and Election Day Ballots, and manages Precinct Assignment for assets and supplies. The…
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