What are the major logistical problems in the Cable, Installation and Service Industries?

What are the major logistical problems in the Cable, Installation and Service Industries?

The logistics of moving equipment can be complicated when working with multiple people in different locations.

There are many unique logistical situations for service businesses, particularly those in the cable, trade, and installation industries. These businesses often rely on a combination of equipment and people to complete their work. This means that they must be able to transport their equipment—whether it’s a specialized drill or electrical box—and get it where it needs to go.

Mobile Warehouses

Service trucks are mobile warehouses and should be treated as an extension of your inventory. Employees must manage them, but the inventory should be visible in your warehouse inventory management system.

If the inventory isn’t managed and tracked, you will face inventory management problems including:

  • Extra inventory from a job lost
  • Inventory shortages and overages
  • Additional time and money spent doing physical counts of inventory
  • The Blame Game happens when someone is looking for an item and can’t find it resulting in lost productivity.

Multiple Inventory Models

These industries often have multiple inventory models in one operation.

  • Service Model – The technician specs and orders the equipment from the warehouse for a specific customer job. Example: The electrician orders all the materials needed to replace a breaker box at a customer’s
  • New Construction Model – Large jobs are specified and bid on well in advance. Inventory is typically ordered and released in a phased approach (e.g., pre-construction infrastructure, rough-in, finishing, etc.). Materials can be ordered in advance and require less urgency.
  • Tool Room – Technicians require additional or more expensive tools to complete a job. They make a request from the tool room, use it, then return it. These tools are independent of their standard inventory. It is also cyclical and requires preventative maintenance and quality assurance.
  • Direct to Consumer – In some cases, especially in the telecommunications industry, the telecommunications technician is being bypassed so the customer can receive their cable self-install kit and do some of the work themselves.

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