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Leveraging GPS Asset Tracking

Most of us use GPS in some form or another every day. Whether it be navigating to your destination or tracking your rideshare, the Global Positioning System has enhanced our lives. However, many organizations are not utilizing GPS asset tracking to their maximum benefit.

GPS powers vehicle location and in-vehicle navigation systems that are widely used throughout the world today. By combining GPS position technology with systems that can display geographic information or with systems that can automatically transmit data to display screens or computers, a new dimension in transportation and GPS asset tracking is realized.

In addition to longitude, latitude, and altitude that we are familiar with. (GPS provides a critical fourth dimension – time. Each GPS satellite contains multiple atomic clocks that provide very precise time data to GPS signals. GPS receivers decode these signals, effectively synchronizing each receiver to the atomic clocks. This enables users to determine the time to within 100 billionths of a second, without the cost of owning and operating atomic clocks.

Precise time is crucial to a variety of economic activities around the world. Communication systems, electrical power grids, and financial networks all rely on precision timing for synchronization and operational efficiency. The free availability of GPS time has enabled cost savings for companies that depend on precise time and has led to significant advances in capability.

Precise Location + Precise Time = Cost & Security Advantages

WDS is leveraging GPS technologies into our TSX™ systems and mobile applications. With accuracy down to 10 centimeters and precise atomic time, you will be able to track where and when critical assets have been transported, delivered, and transacted. For additional security, integrate geofencing and be alerted when an asset is moved beyond an authorized location.

WDS recently launched a Proof of Delivery (POD) mobile application for Elections. With this app, elections departments can track critical polling assets, ballots, and election-night dependencies in real-time. The app supports full integration into TSX™ Elections or can be used as a standalone app for smaller elections operations.

With the continuous modernization of GPS, we can expect even more beneficial features to come. WDS is committed to GPS technologies and will continue to provide the best-in-class solutions that benefit our customers.