Monthly Shipping Cost Calculator

Our innovative calculator is a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimize their shipping processes and reduce costs. Understanding freight shipping, logistics, and warehouse costs is vital, and our calculator simplifies this complex task, providing you actionable insights with high-level examples of saving potential for your business operations. Here’s how to calculate freight costs and other operations expenses with ease:

Freight/Shipping Costs

Monthly Average of Parcels Shipped


Average Shipping Cost Per Parcel


Current Shipping Accuracy


Do you offer "free" shipping?


Reverse Logistics on Mistakes?


Replacement Items Shipped on Mistakes?



Time it Takes to Pick/Pack/Ship an Order (Minutes)


Time it Takes to Restock an Item (Minutes)


Average WH Employee Wage per hour

At your current accuracy level At 99% Accuracy
Initial Shipping Cost
Hours Spent on Initial Shipments
Initial Labor Cost
Number of Mistakes
Reverse Logistics Shipping Cost
Hours Spent on Reverse Logistics
Reverse Logistics Labor Cost
Replacement Logistics Shipping
Hours Spent on Replacement Logistics
Replacement Logistics Labor Cost
Monthly Total on Shipping
Potential Savings with 99% Accuracy

The calculator is provided as a guide. There are MANY variables that would impact/change these numbers, but as a guide, it provides a high-level example of saving potential.

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Navigating the logistics landscape can be daunting, with varying costs and operational inefficiencies lurking around every corner. Companies often struggle with calculating freight costs in a way that aligns with their budget and efficiency goals. The challenges of managing warehouse operations, alongside the unpredictable nature of shipping costs, call for a reliable solution. Our cost calculator is designed to address these challenges head-on.

It integrates various functionalities, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your logistical needs. By inputting specific data, such as average parcels shipped, cost per parcel, and current shipping accuracy, you can unveil potential savings and areas for improvement. It can process costs like monthly averages of parcels shipped and other detailed cost breakdowns, providing a clear picture of your expenditures and operational dynamics. Leverage our calculator to transition from guesswork to precision in your logistics planning.

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Transform your logistical operations with our freight shipping, logistics, and warehouse cost calculator. WDS helps you discover the path to enhanced efficiency and reduced costs, ensuring your business remains competitive in today’s evolving business landscape. Start by exploring potential savings with 99% shipping accuracy and make informed decisions that propel your business forward.

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