The Industries We Serve as a Premier WMS Provider

Wireless Data Systems, Inc. stands as a beacon of innovation across sectors, reshaping industries with our real-time data visibility technology in warehouse management systems (WMS) for large public and private organizations. Our journey, marked by both authority and empathy over the past 30 years, has left a mark on modern-day data visibility and business logistics.

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Providing Innovations that Define Data Visibility

In the realm of supply chain management, having a reliable and efficient WMS provider can be the key to success. Imagine crafting the first wireless application using narrow-band radios and RF base stations many years ago. We were determined to provide real-time data visibility when everybody else was doing batch uploads. Here at WDS, we set the stage for technical innovation that pushes boundaries and opens new doors.

Industries We Serve

At WDS, we have redefined warehouse management systems through innovative software solutions. We have grown into a powerhouse in software development, specializing in real-time data visibility, logistics, and validation for businesses throughout the United States.

WDS is committed to revolutionizing these key sectors and industries:

  • Furniture

    The furniture industry demands seamless operations, from manufacturing to distribution. We are committed to enhancing the efficiency of the furniture industry through our innovative WMS-provided solutions. From supply chain management to real-time visibility of inventory, we’re here to elevate the way furniture is produced and delivered with our custom software solutions.

  • Cable and Telecom

    Cable and telecommunications are at the heart of modern communication. At WDS, we recognize the significance of keeping networks running smoothly. Our data visibility logistics solutions empower cable and telecom companies to optimize supply chains, enhance order management, and ensure swift response to customer demands.

  • Elections Systems

    When it comes to election systems, precision and efficiency are paramount. Our solutions have been tailored to streamline the logistics of electoral processes, ensuring an accurate, transparent, and real-time chain of custody. With our state-of-the-art technology, we are redefining how elections are managed and safeguarded.

  • Cruise Lines and Hospitality

    If you’ve ever wondered how cruise ships and hotels manage the exorbitant inventory required to serve their guests, wonder no more. WDS is a WMS provider for these important industries. Our logistics solutions allow these services to provide all of the supplies and amenities that make your trip comfortable.

  • Construction and Maintenance

    Before builders ever break ground, a construction project needs a supply chain management solution. Our technology allows construction and maintenance companies to see the movement of their materials and staff in real time—and that’s The Power of Data VisibilityⓇ.

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Navigating Industry Challenges

Our dedication to delivering excellence is embedded in our customer satisfaction and proven results over the past three decades. We’re not just a WMS provider—we’re the catalyst for change in the most important operations in our working world. Every industry faces unique challenges, and we provide unique, customized solutions. Combining a passion for data visibility with our time-proven expertise, we empower industries for a brighter tomorrow.

Wireless Data Systems, Inc.’s achievements make us the go-to choice for large-scale data visibility logistics and solutions. Contact us for a free consultation and talk to our experts today!