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Transaction-based pricing can help overcome cost challenges on custom software.

Does pay per transaction make sense?

Custom and semi-custom software can solve problems off-the-shelf solutions just can’t do. The reason is obvious: off-the-shelf software is meant to appeal to broad audience while custom solutions are tailored for a specific set of solutions.

The downside of custom solutions is cost. While off-the-shelf software effectively spreads the cost over a large user base, custom code has a targeted scope...
Most off-the-shelf software becomes weighed-down over time with bloated code and unused features.

Beware of Bloated Software and Its Inherent Problems

Many software companies have come and gone trying to provide custom software, semi-custom software. A successful software provider that delivers custom software is typically staring with 80% of the solution in a base system, and then have the team of design engineers, system architects, project managers, and developers to tweak that base system into a “client-specific” solution that fits the operation like a glove. This “semi-custom” solution approach requires a complete a complete and absolute “Problem-Solving Mindset and Culture.”...
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