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Advance Shipping Notice for Elections Increases Efficiencies and Improves Physical Security

Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) Technology with Your Partners

A critical aspect of managing your election infrastructure properly is an efficient and accurate process for receiving and recording new inventory and equipment. As such, a pre-shipment alert often referred to as an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN), is essential to helping with speed and accuracy during the inbound process of election items.

A pre-shipment alert like ASN is imperative, making certain that your IT team is prepared to receive the assets...
Data security should be the most important concern in protecting your company and customers.

Data Integrity & Security

Company's data is now considered one of its most valuable assets, so it should make sense to do everything possible to protect it. Data loss also includes losses in productivity and data restoration costs. Operating systems, software, and even hardware can be replaced, but data is not so easily recoverable...
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