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Build Systematic Efficiencies to Eliminate Hidden Costs

Building efficiency into every aspect of an organization’s system is critical to maximizing both productivity and profits. From supply chain to customer operations and from finance to marketing, each aspect must be coordinated with accuracy. In doing so, companies are able to look at each element in their operations in order to identify weaknesses and capitalize on strengths.

Data visibility lays the foundation for not only detecting hidden costs, but developing ways to save money...

Ballot and Asset Chain of Custody: The Foundation for Election Security, Recounts, and Audits

Much of the discussion around elections security has been focused – and justly so – on cybersecurity. From electronic voting machines to jump drives and even communications, cybercrime is a real threat to democracy. Efforts to address cybercrime hacking is only part of a complete election security program. The program should also include systems and protocols for handling election assets, particularly ballots.

In addition to cybersecurity, the key to election security, timely election conclusion, and smooth audits and recounts is leveraging technology through systematic ballot and asset tracking, backed by chain of custody visibility, and process management enforcement.


Physical assets are potential access points to cybersecurity; therefore, security and protection of these physical elements (voting systems, ballots, memory devices, etc.) remains critical to maintaining a secure, but open election process...

New Assets Upgrade for Security

The role of managing election infrastructure is complex and often logistically challenging. As such, security and protection are of the utmost importance in relation to both hardware and software solutions. At Wireless Data Systems (WDS), we are consistently on the cutting-edge of technology advancements, ensuring that our clients are equipped to handle data in the most efficient, secure, and effective manner. With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce the new assets upgrade for security!

When a department is charged with upgrading their equipment for enhanced security and protection, there is a significant effort in receiving the new assets into the department’s accounting systems and operations environment (i.e. warehouse, spoke warehouses, staging facility, etc.). That’s where we come in…
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